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 A.J. Hoge - Real English Conversation Pack [2008, PDF + MP3]

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MessageSujet: A.J. Hoge - Real English Conversation Pack [2008, PDF + MP3]   Mer 18 Fév 2009, 17:58

A.J. Hoge - Real English Conversation Pack [2008, PDF + MP3]

The Real English Conversation Pack builds on the Effortless English system.
In these lessons, you get the same great Effortless English system you love.
Each lesson set contains a real conversation between native speakers. No actors.
All lessons also include:
* Audio Recording of a Real English Conversation
* Audio Vocabulary Lessons
* Mini-Story Lessons
* Text Transcripts for EVERYTHING!

You learn
* The real, casual conversation that native English speakers use everyday with each other. This is not formal English. This is the real English that real people use.
* A huge number of common idioms - the slang you can’t find in a dictionary or textbook.
* Real conversations about real topics – the topics that real people talk about in their daily lives.
And that’s not all! You’ll ALSO discover:
* How to automatically speak like a native speaker.
* How to never be confused by native speakers again.
* How to learn grammar effortlessly, without studying grammar rules.
* How to learn vocabulary 3-4 times faster, without memorizing.
* How to improve your TOEFL speaking score.
* How native speakers really pronounce words and phrases- it’s not like textbooks and it’s not like CNN
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A.J. Hoge - Real English Conversation Pack [2008, PDF + MP3]
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