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 Mastering Vmware Infrastructure 3

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MessageSujet: Mastering Vmware Infrastructure 3   Ven 20 Fév 2009, 20:28

Publisher: Sybex Publication: 2008, English ISBN: 9780470183137 Pages: 576
Transform your IT infrastructure without extra hardware Cut hardware costs, expand your capacity, and manage an entire fleet of virtual machines in your enterprise with the leading virtualization solution, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), and the step-by-step instruction in this must-have guide. This essential book is packed with the technical details, best practices, and how-tos you need to install, configure, and run a virtual infrastructure at maximum efficiency. You"ll learn how to create and manage virtual networks and machines, configure every product in the VI3 suite, monitor resources and performance, maintain security, and much more. Coverage includes: * Installing and configuring the VI3 product suite, including ESX Server 3.5and ESXi, Virtual Center 2.0, VMotion, and VMware Consolidated Backup * Creating and managing virtual networks and setting virtual switch security * Configuring and managing storage devices, including iSCSI, NAS/NFS, and fiber channel storage * Setting up and deploying virtual machines, including guest operating systems * Migrating machines, from virtual to virtual and from physical to virtual * Allocating CPU and memory and monitoring resource usage * Backing up, restoring, and securing virtual machines and infrastructures * Managing resource utilization with VMotion and DRS * Managing host and virtual machine updates with VMware Update Manager * Setting up and deploying virtual machines and guest operating systems * Performing physical to virtual and virtual to virtual migrations using VMware Converter * Implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans with VMware HA and VCB Run 2 to 2,000 Virtual Servers with VI3"s Robust, Scalable Tools Partition Even Mission-Critical Physical Servers into Virtual Ones Expand Your IT Capacity without Extra Hardware Follow Best Practices for Monitoring Access and Protecting Data Reinforce Your Skills with Real-World Examples About the Author Chris McCain is a seven-year veteran of the IT work place with a strong history of working across Windows, SQL Server, and SharePoint. For the past three years, Chris has been helping small businesses to Fortune 100 companies realize, design, and implement virtualization technologies. His dedication to promoting education to the IT community is clearly shown in his classroom delivery, consultative engagements, and in his IT focused blogs at Link:
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Mastering Vmware Infrastructure 3
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