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 Vbulletin 3.7.x Mod/Hack (Big Archive)

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MessageSujet: Vbulletin 3.7.x Mod/Hack (Big Archive)   Lun 29 Déc 2008, 04:41

Vbulletin 3.7.x Mod/Hack (Big Archive)

(Forumdisplay) Turn off announcements & save 1 query
Addon for ibProArcade MKPortal Random Game Block
Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Newest Games
Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Popular Games
Addon for ibProArcade Total Games on Forumhome
AJAX Arab Lounge - Autoprune included
AJAX Check for similar thread before posting a new one
AJAX Dream's Chatbox
AJAX Drop Down Message Display Selector
AJAX Edit Attachment Filenames
AJAX Moderator Statistics
AJAX NewsAnnouncements
AJAX Post Groan Hack
AJAX Post Thank You Hack
AJAX Quick Ban Hack !
AJAX Thread Bumping 1.1
AJAX Top X - ALP Pro
AJAX vBShout v2.0
AJAX Websites who have referred today (in the last 24 hours)
AJAX Your One Click Thread Ratings
AJAXDid you know ... (Tip Management)
APM Advanced Product Management 3.0.4
BBCode Embed Twango Video, slideshow, ticker
BBCode YouTube Java****** Embed
BBCode urli aname Content posts
BBCode Embed StreetFire.Net Videos in a Post
BBCode Thumbnails
BBCode Yahoo Video
BBCodeStage6 Player (stage6 links or own links)
hide hack incl post thank you addon
ITech AJAX Inferno vBShout Lite 1.0.1
ITech vBExternal Lite
Monkey's Works - Center User Interface in your Postbit_Legacy
Monkey's Works - enCoded Navbar v1
Monkey's Works - Text Editor Toolbar Background
Monkey's Works - Thread simple Navbar below QuickReply
Monkey's Works - User Profile Web Page
NAXON ACP And MCP Links On Navbar
NAXON Advertizing Box (For Adsense) On Index
NAXON Global Variables
NAXON Member's Profile Link
NAXON mod_rewrite
NAXON Re-Ordering The showgroups.php
NAXON Simple WhatIsMyIP Page
NAXON User's ID In Profile
NAXON Welcome Box On Index
Photopost Add 'digg this' and other buttons to photopost pro
product-hide hack
vBa CMPS TeamSpeak DisplayLogin Module
YouTube Integration with Links & Downloads Manager (LDM 2.2.6)
A Better News Module Fix for vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.1
A better see Activeusers
Absolute path for vbulletin CSS file
Access Forum Based On Value in User Profile Field
Activate the Debug mode by ACP
Active Members Percentage
Active Threads menu (Navbar)
Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.6)
Add a recent blog link to profiles and postbit
Add Advertising after first post - Postbit Alteration
Add an Urdu Editor to your vBulletin forum - Urdu OpenPad integration
Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar
Add custom MySQL query in Admin CP drop-down
Add Icons to ForumHome orand Forumdisplay by Uploaded images
Add New Page To Your vB Forum
Add PayPal Buy Now Button
Add Paypal Referral Link To Postbit Profile
Add Phrases to Sub******ion Payment Types
Add Recent BlogSite Feed under Postbit. Displays Recent Blog feeds or Site Feeds
Add Search Engine Optimized Keywords & De******ion to each Forum
Add The New Thread Button On ShowThread
Add Threads to Mod
Add Weather Search to Quick Search
Add Weather Underground Quick Search
Add XBOX Gamertag to IM List
addimport product link relocation
Adding a background image into the reply boxes
Adding MySpace ID To User Profile
Additional Navbar In Footer
Additional Section within Profile and Dropdown within Posts
Admin & Mod CP Quick Links
Admin CP Authentication mod to secure your CP
Admin Cp Links in Navbar
Admin CP Thread Prefixes Add-On move & del by prefix
Admin HTML Email Sent as multipartalternative
Admin Log In As User
AdminCP PhotoPost Administration
AdminCP Top 10 Statistic
Adoptables hack for vBulletin 3.6
Adsense above quickreply - 2 layout versions
Adsense as second post. 2 Sizes - Big for guests, small for members - Legacy Version
Adsense Banner below Blog Entry and above Comments
Adsense Banners in Your Archive
Adsense below Recent Comments List on Blog Home
Adsense Collapsible - Using Plugin System
Adsense Leaderboard on Non-Index Pages
Adsense linkunit below the last thread
Adsense Revenue Sharing for 3.5.x and 3.6.x
Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins
Advance Sticky Options
Advanced BBCode (Use conditionals in BBCodes)
Advanced BBCode Permissions
Advanced FAQ
Advanced Flood Control
Advanced Info Center
Advanced Last X Thread in Marquee,Java****** with External Options 2.2
Advanced Navbar Links
Advanced Plugin Manager - Reloaded
Advanced Plugin Manager v2
Advanced PM Options
Advanced Report Post Management System
Advanced Snowstorm Integration for Christmas
Advanced Template Manager
Advanced Userbars Hack v1.0
Advanced Warning System 3.6.7
Advent Calendar
Advertise Page For Your Forum
Affiliate Box - Scrolling and Fading Affiliate Buttons
Affiliate Marquee Mod
after log out =redirect
afterfl0w's Advanced Banlist
Against vBulletin piracy logo
Age based premissions for registering and viewing forums
Age Lock v2.0 Beta 2
AIM Controller (AIM Bot For Vb)
AJAX - Mouseover Profile Preview
AJAX as User Option
Ajax Check eMail
Ajax Check Username
Ajax notification of a new personal message
AJAX Preview For New Thread Reply
ajaxReg - Ajax Registration, with instant field checking
Akismet - spam detection
Alert Undeletable User
Alexa Toolbar Users Rewarding System - Boost your Alexa rank
Allow 'Make Votes Public' to be checked by default
Allow URLs in posts only after a minimum number of posts (to reduce spam)
Allow usergroups to view forum, if forum turned off
Alternate Quick reply Waiting display!
Alternative 'forumhome_lastpostby' display
Alternative Profile Page
Amazon Integration
AME - Auto Media Embedding (youtube, Amazon, google, myspace, etc...)
AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Releases
AnonymHack v2.0 - allow users to postreply anonymous
Another Members that have Visited Statistics mod
Antialiasis's Personal Notepad 3.6
Anti-Leech Attachments - prevent hotlinking and bandwidth theft!
AOL Video BB Codes
Apple QuickTime Embed BB Code
Archive Thread v1.2
Asia Cup 2007 Support your team
Attached Image Wa*****rking PLUS Guest Viewing of Thumbnails
Attachment countdown timer (like yousendit)
Auto Birthday PM
Auto Code ALL Links
Auto DeleteMove Thread After X days
Auto Move Closed Threads
Auto Move Threads Based On Ratings
Auto Resize images when Quoted
Auto Resize large images in an IMG tag
AutoBump Threads Periodically For 12 Hours Without Replies
Automated Simple Catagory Icons
Automatic Calendar Reminders
Automatic Thread Closing
Automatic transition between Groups through Gender
Automatically Close Old Threads After X Days
Automatically Create Usernote on EMAIL Change
Automatically Create Usernote on Username Change
AutoPM after addBuddy
Avatar Display in Who's Online (online.php)
Avatar on forumdisplay
Avatar Rules on Edit Avatar Page
Average registrations per day statistics
Ban Info on User Profile
Ban Me
Ban Users From a Thread
Banlist - easy
Banner Rotator (Definitive Mod) UPDATED
Battlefield 2 Squad Stats integration for VBAdvanced
Battlefield 2 Stats integration for VBAdvanced
BB Code WinQuickTimeRealFlash Media Embed
BBcode Manager 1.32 New looks for your quote, html, php and code bbcodes !
BBCODE Tooltips
Better layout of status icon's
Bibliasoft -- BibleFilter 1.5
blank info for linked forums
BoardTracker Advanced Topic Tags System - v2!
BoardTracker Search Mod v2 - a full search engine for your board!
Breadcrumb at the Base of Showthread
Browser on Who's Online
Buddy Forums
Buddy List on User CP
Bump or de-bump thread w usergroup permissions
BuRaCH Mouse Cursor'S
button text bbcode
Bypass Passworded Forums by Usergroup ID IM & GT Icons
Can't rate own threads
Can't Use Private Messages Before X posts
Can't Vote Own Polls
Captcha On Login
captchaLogin - image verification login
Catagory Icons
Catalog Your Movies
CES Anything BB-Code
CES Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins (Project Tools Expansion)
CES Board Inactive Alert Placement
CES Cookie Cutter - Share ******* Between Domains
CES Debug Mode Switcher
CES Dynamic IMG Resize (Plugin Version)
CES Intelligent Announcement Query
CES Intelligent Attachment Query
CES Intelligent Dot-Threads
CES Intelligent Postbit Query
CES Last Post on Forum Home (No Query)
CES Last Post on Forum Home (Project Tools Edition)
CES Lv vB Event Forums Addon - Query Blaster
CES Navbits Designer
CES NuWiki Special Pages
CES Parser Permissions
CES Pre-Process Hooks
CES Silent Editors
CES Site News
CES vbWiki Pro Navbits Extension
CES vbWiki Talk Pages Header
CES Wiki Conditionals
CES Wiki Simple Search Integration
CFM Directory
CFM Google AdSense for Search Integration
Change Contact us Email
Change Forum Cell Colour on Mouseover
Change Threads Prefix Inline
Check E-mail Address Before Registration
'Check Version' for all hacks
Chief First Post - Every Page - 3.6.x
CinVin vB Forum Feed Listing
Classifieds Featured in Forumhome or vBa
Clickable User Fields
Clock and Date in Navbar
Clock In Navbar
Collapsable First Post using AJAX (or Last Post!)
Collapse of soft-deleted messages
Coloured Usergroup Legend
Complete WordpressVbulletin Bridge - Share Users And Postings
Contact Us Visual Authentication - prevent Spam Bots from sending messages!
Contact's Inviter MSNYahooGmail & MORE
Continue Search
Cookie with FloodDdos Block
Count of unread posts in the welcome box
Countdown hack
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MessageSujet: Re: Vbulletin 3.7.x Mod/Hack (Big Archive)   Lun 29 Déc 2008, 04:43

VBulletin-Wordpress Bridge for 3.64
vbWiki Standard - vBulletin+MediaWiki integration
vCharset Converter - enjoy the AJAX & UTF-8
vHosting Lite
Vietnamese Keyboard for vBulletin
Vietnamese™️ Product-mViet (mViet)
View forum in AdminCP or new tabwindow!
View Forum Leaders Based On Usergroup Permissions
View Forums From CP
View Myspace Profile Small Mod, Youtube Info Updated
View Offline Board Usergroup Permissions
View threads started in postbit
View Unread PMs
View Usernotes Given
Viewing your forum in Control Panel
Visit Statistics 1.1 - Visit Counter for vBulletin
vitual keyboard anti keylogger
vMail Converter - Send out your emails in different encoding
VRules 1.1
vRules v1.x.x
vS-Hide Hack Resurrection
vS-Interactive Profiles
vS-IP - Sort by Vote NumberScore
Wabuf BB Code Pack!
WarLion Rss AJAX Feed vborg
Wasserstand & PowerUp --- download and upload visualisation
Web Proxy Redirector BETA
Webforumz Better Adsense in Archives
Webforumz Better PM Notification
WebMaster Tools - Popularity Check Tool 3.6.xx
Webmaster Tools (Google & Yahoo)
Webmazter - Archive
Webmazter - Show ALL Group Memberships
Welcome headers - Improve community registration rates
Welcome Panel Template Rewrite
Welcome Thread with VB Options
Who has read a Thread
Who is chatting (for Flashchat)
Who is chatting Add-On (for Flashchat)
Who looked my profile
Who Rated This Thread Delete Who Rated
Who's Online at the top!
Who's Online faker
Who's Online for all Vbadvanced Pages
Wii Code - IM Icon
Wikipedia reference-link BBCode
WOL - Forums and Threads
Word Cloud Display Most Common Words from Posts in Cloud
Workarounds for 2Checkout Sub******ion Purchase Issues
Working Image On Redirect Screen
World of Warcraft Event Calendar
World of Warcraft Recruitment Form
World of Warcraft Recruitment Status Module!
WoW Characters
WowHead BBcode 1&2
XBOX360 Live Gamertag bbcode
XEON Mp3 Player in vBadvanced Center Block
XEON Series - vbFLV Streaming Video Player
Xfire BB Code
xspf mp3 player for Vbulletin
Yet Another Awards System 2.1.4
Yet Another Forum Rules Page
Yet Another Mass Private Message System 1.0.1
Youtube display link parser without bbcode
ZH - % Of Forum Posts
ZH - Auto Lock Thread
ZH - Background Music
ZH - Banned Members
ZH - BBCode Pack
ZH - Clean Log
ZH - Closed Thread Mark-Up
ZH - Debug Mode
ZH - Default Buddy
ZH - Default PM Title
ZH - Default Referrer
ZH - Disable Self PM
ZH - Don't Require E-Mail Confirmation
ZH - Don't Require Password Confirmation
ZH - Event Count On Forumhome
ZH - Event Manager
ZH - Global Variables
ZH - Hack System LITE
ZH - Link Decoration
ZH - Loading Effect
ZH - Member Count On Memberslist
ZH - Tags
ZH - No Avatar
ZH - Page Execution Time
ZH - Report PM
ZH - Restrict A Browser
ZH - Sticky Thread Mark-Up
ZH - Stone Age
ZH - Template Cache
ZH - Title Writing
ZH - vBa Hack System
ZH - vBShout On All Pages
ZH - WOL Announcements
ZH - X This Thread
Zoints Anonymous Posting - Improved privacy for members
Zoints Forumban - Ban members from a single forum
Zoints LOCAL. Social networking, enhanced profiles, blogs and MUCH more
Zoints Private Thread Comments for Staff
Zoints SEO
Zoints Tags module for vBadvanced CMPS
Zoints Thread Tags - GREAT for SEO



Pass: hackhell
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Vbulletin 3.7.x Mod/Hack (Big Archive)
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