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 Natural Gas Hydrates, 2nd Edition 2009 - A guide for Engineers

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MessageSujet: Natural Gas Hydrates, 2nd Edition 2009 - A guide for Engineers   Sam 15 Aoû 2009, 17:21

Natural Gas Hydrates, 2nd Edition 2009 - A guide for Engineers
by John Carol

I have always found hydrates to be an interesting subject to study. There are
two things that I have learned from my dealings with hydrates. And it is these
two things that helped set the direction for the new edition.
The first of these is on the research side. Our fundamental understanding
of hydrates is continually changing. The new discoveries continue to show that
hydrates are indeed a fascinating subject. One of the interesting new discoveries
is the hydrate of hydrogen and the nature of this hydrate. Others, relevant to
the gas processing business, are presented in this new edition.
The second is that the interest of the engineers in the field is expanding.
When I began to work with hydrates more than twenty years ago it was sufficient
to know the conditions at which a hydrate was likely to form and what
remedial action needs to be taken. Now people are interested in the rate at which
hydrates form, the effect of water concentration, and other details that were.
Furthermore I appreciate the input for the chemical producers and have
included some discussion on the hydrate of ethylene and propylene.
The structure of the second edition is similar to that of the first with relatively
independent chapters. However all chapters have been expanded to
reflect new ideas about hydrates and the interests of the both course attendees
and some of my clients. A new chapter has been added with some additional
topics on gas hydrates.

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Natural Gas Hydrates, 2nd Edition 2009 - A guide for Engineers
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