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 Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics

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Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics

A practical handbook for engineers, technicians, and others involved in designing and operating pipelines to transport liquids, primarily in the petroleum, water, and process industries. It does however include chapter-end problems, with selected answers appended, to facilitate its use as a college textbook. Arizona-based engineering and computer consultant Menon presents liquid pipeline hydraulics as it applies to the transportation of liquids through pipelines in a single-phase, steady-state environment. He discusses such factors as various properties of liquids, the concept of pressure, friction, and calculating the energy required to transport liquid from one point to another through a pipeline. The formulas for such calculations he presents and describes without using calculus or complex mathematical methods, and certainly does not wander away from the practical aspects to explain how they are derived

Number Of Pages: 312
Publication Date: 2004-06-21
Sales Rank: 1001039
ISBN / ASIN: 0824753178
EAN: 9780824753177
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: CRC liquid_pipeline_hydraulics.rar
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Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics
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