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 1300 hacks pour vBulletin

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MessageSujet: 1300 hacks pour vBulletin   Jeu 08 Jan 2009, 21:40

(Forumdisplay) Turn off announcements & save 1 query
Addon for ibProArcade MKPortal Random Game Block
Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Newest Games
Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Popular Games
Addon for ibProArcade Total Games on Forumhome
AJAX Arab Lounge - Autoprune included
AJAX Check for similar thread before posting a new one
AJAX Dream's Chatbox
AJAX Drop Down Message Display Selector
AJAX Edit Attachment Filenames
AJAX Moderator Statistics
AJAX NewsAnnouncements
AJAX Post Groan Hack
AJAX Post Thank You Hack
AJAX Quick Ban Hack !
AJAX Thread Bumping 1.1
AJAX Top X - ALP Pro
AJAX vBShout v2.0
AJAX Websites who have referred today (in the last 24 hours)
AJAX Your One Click Thread Ratings
AJAXDid you know ... (Tip Management)
APM Advanced Product Management 3.0.4
BBCode Embed Twango Video, slideshow, ticker
BBCode YouTube Javascript Embed
BBCode urli aname Content posts
BBCode Embed StreetFire.Net Videos in a Post
BBCode Thumbnails
BBCode ***** Video
BBCodeStage6 Player (stage6 links or own links)
hide hack incl post thank you addon
ITech AJAX Inferno vBShout Lite 1.0.1
ITech vBExternal Lite
Monkey's Works - Center User Interface in your Postbit_Legacy
Monkey's Works - enCoded Navbar v1
Monkey's Works - Text Editor Toolbar Background
Monkey's Works - Thread simple Navbar below QuickReply
Monkey's Works - User Profile Web Page
NAXON ACP And MCP Links On Navbar
NAXON Advertizing Box (For Adsense) On Index
NAXON Global Variables
NAXON Member's Profile Link
NAXON mod_rewrite
NAXON Re-Ordering The showgroups.php
NAXON Simple WhatIsMyIP Page
NAXON User's ID In Profile
NAXON Welcome Box On Index
Photopost Add 'digg this' and other buttons to photopost pro
product-hide hack
vBa CMPS TeamSpeak DisplayLogin Module
YouTube Integration with Links & Downloads Manager (LDM 2.2.6)
A Better News Module Fix for vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.1
A better see Activeusers
Absolute path for vbulletin CSS file
Access Forum Based On Value in User Profile Field
Activate the Debug mode by ACP
Active Members Percentage
Active Threads menu (Navbar)
Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.6)
Add a recent blog link to profiles and postbit
Add Advertising after first post - Postbit Alteration
Add an Urdu Editor to your vBulletin forum - Urdu OpenPad integration
Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar
Add custom MySQL query in Admin CP drop-down
Add Icons to ForumHome orand Forumdisplay by Uploaded images
Add New Page To Your vB Forum
Add PayPal Buy Now Button
Add Paypal Referral Link To Postbit Profile
Add Phrases to Subscription Payment Types
Add Recent BlogSite Feed under Postbit. Displays Recent Blog feeds or Site Feeds
Add Search Engine Optimized Keywords & Description to each Forum
Add The New Thread Button On ShowThread
Add Threads to Mod
Add Weather Search to Quick Search
Add Weather Underground Quick Search
Add XBOX Gamertag to IM List
addimport product link relocation
Adding a background image into the reply boxes
Adding MySpace ID To User Profile
Additional Navbar In Footer
Additional Section within Profile and Dropdown within Posts
Admin & Mod CP Quick L
. 1276_mods_vB.rar
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1300 hacks pour vBulletin
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