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 Dictionary of Parasitology - Peter J Gosling

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MessageSujet: Dictionary of Parasitology - Peter J Gosling   Ven 09 Jan 2009, 01:54

Although many books have been published on various aspects of human, animal, and plant parasitology, as well as the public health problems associated with parasites, none to date has offered a comprehensive glossary for those confronted with the discipline's exceptionally extensive terminology. To meet this need requires a dedicated text that can house the myriad entries that define all the basic principles and advanced nomenclature of parasitology. The Dictionary of Parasitology reflects current practice in all aspects of parasitology and includes spellings, punctuation, abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, nomenclature, prefixes, and suffixes. It covers the field of modern parasitology with concise, clear, and authoritative precision.

The dictionary assigns entries of parasites to the primary divisions of parasitology: human, veterinary, plant, insect, or fish; although in many instances the area of interest may be wide-ranging. The dictionary provides the depth and breadth of knowledge that makes it both an informative and useful volume for beginners and experts in the field, as well as for writers and editors of scientific texts. Entries cover control measures, immunology, physiology, pharmacology, etc., and each are labeled according to the most appropriate area to which they relate. Attach tear sheet from text Providing more than 11,500 entries, the Dictionary of Parasitology, sets a standard that will allow those in the field to communicate with essential scientific accuracy. XHTEQGOX Dictionary_of_Parasitology.rar
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Dictionary of Parasitology - Peter J Gosling
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