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 Bentley Microstation Descartes V8i.XM.v8.11.05.25

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MessageSujet: Bentley Microstation Descartes V8i.XM.v8.11.05.25   Sam 10 Jan 2009, 10:35

Bentley Microstation Descartes V8i.XM.v8.11.05.25
Win App | 10mb | RS.COM
Bentley Descartes V8 adds high performance image, transformation, enhancement, editing, mosaicking, and georeferencing (warping) capabilities to MicroStation V8. Bentley Descartes V8 supports engineering, mapping, and conversion projects that require the use of large images, and may be used to create hybrid maps, plan sheets, and other documents. Image scenes or mosaics created in Bentley Descartes V8 may be distributed to users of MicroStation V8 Generation applications such as, MicroStation V8, Bentley View, Bentley Redline and MicroStation PowerDraft or MicroStation GeoGraphics, where they may be viewed and plotted. Additionally, datasets may be saved to DWG to be opened by AutoCAD users.

Bentley Descartes Feature List


* Image Draping on DTM or 3D Objects
* Drape image mosaics
* Based on MicroStation Rendering
* Real-life textures
* Lighting Effects
* Shadows
* Fog Effects
* 3D Image Manipulation
* Elevation
* Perspective
* Orientation
* Create Dynamic Presentations
* Fly-throughs
* Animations
* Plot or Publish
* Create 3D PDF

Interpretation and Conversion

* Automatic and Interactive Modes
* Intelligent Conversion
* Wide Range of Image Types
* Topologically ready linework
* Point, stream, and arc modes
* Gap jumping
* Line straightening
* Generalization
* Raster Snap
* Convert contours
* Convert all connected lines
* Erase raster while vectorizing
* Spy Window
* Optical Character Recognition
* Foreign language support for OCR
* Custom OCR dictionary
* Raster symbol recognition and replacement

High Fidelity Imaging

* AccuSnap enabled Image borders
* Manipulate as standard MicroStation Selection Sets
* Move, Scale, Rotate using standard MicroStation tools
* Dynamic transparency
* Use with levels
* Set Display Priority
* New line conversion engine
* New generalization algorithms
* New Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Engine

On-the-Fly Projection of Georeferenced Images

* Dynamic reprojections
* Fingertip coordinate system and
projection system control
* Transform vector and raster data
* Georeferenced file format support
* Georeferenced “sister files”
* 5500 project systems
* User defined projections
* Multiple warping methods
* Align
* Helmert
* Similitude
* Affine
* Thin-Plate Spline
* Polynomial 2nd degree
* Polynomial 3rd degree
* Projective
* Batch Processing

Rapid Document Cleanup, Editing, and Enhancement and Flexible Image Manipulation

* Clean-up Tools
* Speckle removal
* Selective cleanup by area or color table driven
* Cleanup mask
* Touch-up and editing tools
* Vector Stamping
* Drafting
* Rubber sheeting

Image Enhancement and Manipulation

* Translate, Scale, Rotate
* Clipping
* Translucency/Transparency
* WYSIWYG Enhancement tools
* Crop using non-rectangular shapes
* Selection Set operations

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Bentley Microstation Descartes V8i.XM.v8.11.05.25
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