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 The city of Cumbria Lydia

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MessageSujet: The city of Cumbria Lydia   Lun 26 Jan 2009, 05:51

Sketchup model of Cumbria Lydia
On this topic i will add pictures of one of my city projects from my fantasy world i called Hippis! This planet has also an own history wich i am whriting down. However, I have been working on this city over the last month and i´m a very new worker of this sketchup wich i like because it´s for free! The town and several of the buildings has their owns history wich i will try to explain on this topic gradualy. I hope you will like this town!

Here is the Bank of Condorra (over 80 floors, arround 300 meters height)

The Golden Bank of Prayan (78 floors)

The stock market building:

One of the temples (this town is a religious and commercial centre!!)

Unfortely i start to build this city with BMP picturefiles, so it´s been to big for the Google warehouse! But i have another city there to downloading! It´s called Port of Raksel and it will be funny to make that city together with other sketchup constructors! I use sketchup version 7.

The map is as ground for the model!

Here, you can se mine paintings inside the 3D-Gallery!

The big sallon!

Here is an old ship of wood on the Royal harbour of Cumbria Lydia.

...and a new model for the city of Cumbria Lydia!
This a new map of the whole region of the cities of Cumbria. The cities is suited on a delta and belong to each Market union (well is a long story, you know) Here is the 3D-model of the region:

And here is suburbians part with the border betwenn the two cities:

As you see, it´s a totaly different way of working with this sketchup. I try to do my best, so long.
Yes, it is a huge wall to indicate the border of two market unions! (there is a little background story about this market unions) This wall is an old part of the city structure wich now is as an protected building. On this picture, of the frontier-suburb, you can see a "railway" station (yes, it is a very strange railway, but this is a fantasy world so why not!) The highway and the railway connect the two city centres and the distance between those cities is aprox 65 kilometers! So i have a lot to do!

almost finnish with the ....border town. I don´t have a name for it yet, but perhaps soon, or there is one out ther who have one to suggest? OF

...witch took around 20 HOURS!!! (IDX rendering)

Yes, you right. This model is not so complex yet, but is big! I just download this rendering programe (two weeks ago) so i have´nt fit it yet! My first render was with "free presentation render" (the picture above)
Later i tried the other bottom "free standard render" a cople of days ago and it took only 20 minutes!!!
However, i´m not satisfied with none of this renderings because the picture get so small and the colors not show it right face!
Here is an update picture of the model. Veawing at southwest!

This railwaysystem has some kind of "magnetic transport system" (i was to lazy to fill it with more details!)
This picture show the entrance to the inner city of Cumbria Lydia wich i just begin to work with (the new city area).
Hasta la proxima!
p.s. Happy new year, by the way.

Some new pictures from the region of Cumbria.
This is the entrance to the centre of town! This 2D-graphic i took with "display edges" as normal:

And this with "no edges" i dont know wich is best, but i think that i now prefer this before large renderings time from IDX!!

This picture is from another part of the great wall between the both city areas. It´s called "The port of general Cornelle". Howe about that, eh?
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MessageSujet: Re: The city of Cumbria Lydia   Lun 26 Jan 2009, 05:54

This picture show the hole part of the city region of Cumbria Lydia from above!

I begin to work inside the city centre (or just beside) this part is an industrial side of the town.

And here is from another suburb area beside the sea, it´s an old tourist resort place with luxuary hotels and art gallerys (you know, like Marbella or something that way). I call this suburb just for The Sunside!

Hi. Here is a IDX rendering picture (i like the colors, but this rendering eat some of stuff in the model!):

This picture is from the same angle without render! Looking at the upcomming "down town" in the background!

Lol! Updates from the town (it´s growing!) OF

First a picture from a foggie CL under construction!

This an update map over Cumbria Lydia and suburbs:
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The city of Cumbria Lydia
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