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 WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology

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MessageSujet: WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology   Jeu 29 Jan 2009, 00:44

Author: Loutfi Nuaymi
Publisher: Wiley
Date: March 23, 2007
Pages: 310
WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology, based on the IEEE 802.16 standard, is at the origin of great promises for many different markets covering fixed wireless Internet Access, Backhauling and Mobile cellular networks. WiMAX technology is designed for the transmission of multimedia services (voice, Internet, email, games and others) at high data rates (of the order of Mb/s per user). It is a very powerful but sometimes complicated technique.
The WiMAX System is described in thousands of pages of IEEE 802.16 standard and amendments documents and WiMAX Forum documents. WiMAX: Technology for Broadband Wireless Access provides a global picture of WiMAX and a large number of details that makes access to WiMAX documents much easier. All the aspects of WIMAX are covered. Illustrations and clear explanations for all the main procedures of WiMAX are pedagogically presented in a succession of relatively short chapters.

  • Topics covered include WiMAX genesis and framework, WiMAX topologies, protocol layers, MAC layer, MAC frames, WiMAX multiple access, the physical layer, QoS Management, Radio Resource Management, Bandwidth allocation, Network Architecture, Mobility and Security
  • Features a glossary of abbreviations and their definitions, and a wealth of explanatory tables and figures
  • Highlights the most recent changes, including the 802.16e amendment of the standard, needed for Mobile WiMAX
  • Includes technical comparisons of WiMAX vs. 802.11 (WiFi) and cellular 3G technologies
This technical introduction to WiMAX, explaining the rather complex standards (IEEE 802.16-2004 and 802.16e) is a must read for engineers, decision-makers and students interested in WiMAX, as well as other researchers and scientists from this evolving field.
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WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology
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